Big Skat – Concept Material (Album)

Concept Material, the long awaited “Big Skat”collaboration Album from producer Mills and Hurache MC DJ Friendly aka Big Skat. 

Recorded over 2 years the project if full of crisp Golden Era production, vivid skits and commentary…it took a long time piecing this gem together. You will not be disappointed!

Tor-C – Cognac In My Cup [You Know Whats Up](Produced By Mills)

Cognac In My Cup is the latest single released from Tor-C’s new project “The Closing Statement” EP, Produced by Mills. 

This track is all about the party! If you’ve got a reason to celebrate; get the system turned up, glasses full and reach for the Swishers….it’s about to go off! This follows “Paperholic” featuring HolleyHood and the now legendary “Stand Up Freestyle” which features South African artists KlipKlong, G Max & Nechiral.

UPDATE: Cognac In My Cup now Available “Time Is Money”

Tor-C – Paperholic feat. Mr11236 AKA Holley Rock (Produced By Mills)

Paperholic is the first leak from Tor-C’s “The Closing Statement” EP, the Rapper’s limited release project launched ready for his return to Cape Town, South Africa.

Featuring Brooklyn rapper Mr 11236 AKA Hood, make sure you got your system turned up before you hit play, this is the remastered version which slaps!

The ‘Stand Up Freestyle‘ received a great response, look out for more tracks off “The Closing Statement” EP from Tor-C, coming soon!

UPDATE: Paperholic is Available on Tor-C’s album “Time Is Money”.

Beats By Mills – The Brief Case Instrumentals (Album)

Completed in 2007 , The Brief Case Instrumentals are now available in full quality – Including 2 previously Unreleased Instrumentals!

Produced by Mills, these classic “Golden Era” beats revisit some familiar territory for fans of the time. Featuring hard hitting drums, rich melodic strings, horns and pianos – this collection of tracks received thousands of plays on SoundCloud. 

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